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It's been 30 years since the last war ended. The people of the world are slowly trying to recover from its devastating effects, but signs of another war are beginning to show themselves. Strange occurrences have been happening throughout the different layers of the world; creatures are running wild and chaos seems to be spreading everywhere. Is it possible that the previous threat to the world has returned?

While all of this goes on, you live a quiet life in the Starkwood Forest; completely unaware of what's going on outside of your little patch of Forest. You're about to celebrate your 18th birthday with your parents, when a loud bang upon the door interrupts your party.

You soon find yourself on the run, fighting for survival. Discover secrets about your past as you travel the world and come to terms with your role in the upcoming war. Will you be able to help put a stop to the magical disarray that continuously throws the world into war or will you become just another victim?  

Content Warning:

This Visual Novel contains content that might not be suitable for some people:
Coarse language, Depictions of Violence, Blood, Depression, Abuse, Suicide, Death, Illness, Disability, Sexuality, and other real life situations.

     Game Features:      

Choose the Name and Gender of the Main Character (Male/Female/Neutral)      

     Choose from 4 Different Story Routes   

13 Different Allies to Romance or Befriend 

Unlockable Profiles for Each Character

104 CGs Total Between Every Route and Character (When Full Game Is Complete)

Map that Updates Based On Your Location In Game

Clickable Encyclopedia Entries 

Hidden Easter Eggs

Health Bar (Must Keep Healthy or You Will Die. When Full Game Is Complete)

28 Attainable Achievements (When Full Game Is Complete)

6 Good and 6 Bad Endings for Each Route (When Full Game Is Complete)


Creator's Note:

What started out as a story written in my head while recovering from surgery, has now become a full-fledged game.  Ibitz is a self-taught coder/artist who works alone on their games. Game creation may be slow, since my job as a baker takes up a lot of time, but all games I create will be completed.  All games I create are freeware ,meaning I will never charge you to play them. If you need any help with making your own game, just ask. I'd be more than happy  to help!

Questions for You:

1.) What made you decide to check out my Visual Novel?

2.) Who is(are) your favorite character(s) and why?

3.) Who is(are) your least favorite character(s) and why?

4.)  What did you like least and most about this Visual Novel?

5.) Is there anything you think could be improved? Anything that should be removed? Anything I need to add to this Visual Novel?

If you have any critiques, advice, or questions, feel free to message me at: liztehgamer@gmail.com


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Development log


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1.) I was stumbled upon it in search of any Halloween type vn... and reading the synopsis, I just said "Why not?" xD

2.) As a friend, I like the calm and direct approach of Sylphy; as for romantic interest, I very much like the overthinking but also wise and human-ly side of Kaiden ;p

3.) To be honest, all of the characters are likeable; but the strictness and judgement from Bennet sometimes ticks me out....

4.)  Its choice of font is kind of hard to read and the sound effect is somtimes misplaced; but they also give the distinction and compatible  to Magical Dissaray's rather dark theme.

5.) Well... I think the introduction to other characters in next updated  is very much appreciated ;) Keep up the good work ^^

1.) That's an awesome way to find my VN. Halloween is the best holiday (IMO) so that's a great time to play games. 

2.) I'm glad you like Kaiden and Sylphy. Your views on Kaiden made me chuckle. He definitely overthinks too much. He was a lot of fun to create. 

3.) I'm happy to hear you liked my characters. As for Bennet, I'm glad he ticked you off. I actually based him off of someone I know who is very set in their ways and drove me batty. But, being family, you just gotta put up with it. 

4.)I'll definitely have to look into the font and the visibility. Thank you so much for letting me know about that. Would you mind me asking if there were any times that the sounds just didn't need to be there or didn't seem right? Your feedback is very helpful! If you don't mind, I would love to list you in the credits of my game as a BETA tester. I really do appreciate the feedback. 

5.) Thank you so much for checking out my game! It gives me motivation to keep on going. I'm definitely gonna use your feedback to help improve my game. :) 

Hello again, Ibitz!

3. I never expect the creator to be glad for my dislikeness to their own character :D But, I can relate to that feeling, kind of "Be careful to be in my bad side, I'll avenge you in my work"  xD

4. As I  tried out the Forest route, I found these three issues : (a) Demonees' chuckle when she releases the Wolf Man keeps playing a few unnecessary moment and lose its effect, even become cringeworthy for me. (b) The evil laugh which first become signature of the Wolf Man, suprisingly and uncomfortably also voice out as the Barkeeper's laugh, and I think "the laugh" itself is a bit distracting the atmosphere of the fight in the Forest, likewise the fight in the Town. (c) Plus, I think the scene where MC is falling and rolling down at the Forest needs graphic effect (like blurred or disoriented sight of the Forest) instead of using the repeated thumping sound.  Well, that's from my persepective ^^;

And the last topic, I don't mind you include me as Beta tester. On contrary, it is a honor that you consider me for the credit :')

Keep up the good work (>,<)/

3.) Haha! I know it's weird, but to me it's an accomplishment. I don't feel like I'm great at writing rude personalities (since I'm way too friendly of a person), so it made me happy that I did a good enough job portraying a rude person . =P Haha! Seriously. That person angered me so much, so I was like "mwahaha! I can't be rude to you in real life, but I can do it in the game." >:D 

4.) Thank you very much for clarifying that. I appreciate you pointing those things out. I'll have to look into trying out your idea. I did feel my portrayal wasn't as cool when it came to falling. 

Awesome! I'm glad you'd allow it. I'm working alone on this and no one around me knows anything about VNs, so I really am grateful to you for giving me feedback. Would you like to be listed as Sora Album or something else? 

I also wanted to say that I saw you had ideas for your VNs. I hope you're working on them. I would love to try them out. ISM sounds really awesome! :) 

Thank you! ^_^ 

(1 edit)

Well, I prefer to use my pseudonym as Sora Album, please  :D

And thanks for the support! For a while, I am still distracted with my personal business in the realm of reality, and finishing the first two Twine in my list, and waiting for an artist to collaborate with me for ISM's project... so be patient for its realization ^^;

EDIT (finally I had time to replay the other routes) : 

a.) If I recall, I found overlapping image of Kaiden in Underground Route, when the group start their journey and Whisper joins them; and at Mountain Route when the scene where Kaiden and MC meet Kyo.

b.) I still prefer the Forest Route and the prologue of Fields Route, because it gives  MC an opportunity to improve their magic and fight alongside their guards, in which the other two routes they seems only as "damsel in distress" and supporting them only through verbal choice (no action) ^^:

c.) And there is this gender reference nagging me...  At the introduction, you let the player identify the MC's gender, but then the MC keeps called as "they/their/them" through all the narration. I suggest you rewrite the pronouns, or just erase the gender options at the opening ad leave MC as non-binary.

d.) ..... why do I sense that Kaiden will be "The True Lover Route" compared to others? May be I am too focused and like it so much when MC tease him and the sensation of "old marriage couple's banter"every time they debate  x'D .... Then I realize that Kaiden had seen MC seen their birth day, and he is more like a father or big brother figure ...........


Alright, Sora Album it is, then. :) 

You're most welcome! I promise to be patient. Just thought you'd like to know you've already got a fan ready to play your game whenever it is made. I definitely understand, though. I work in a bakery, so it can be tough to work on projects. 

Thank you so much for your feedback! I appreciate it a lot. I will look into all of these issues, especially the damsel in distress and pronouns one. 

I am so glad to see you feel that way about Kaiden. Honestly, out of all my characters, he was my most favorite. My game was technically a story I had written, and he was actually the lover of the main MC in my story, so it's cool to hear that you felt that way about him and MC. 

Your last sentence made me giggle like a fangirl. It makes me so happy to have someone ship the MC and Kaiden together. <3 Thanks for that! Definitely motivated me to get to work on fixing my demo. I was feeling sore from working doubles due to the holiday season, but now I'm pumped up and ready to get to work.