Demo 1.0 Version 2 has been released!

Thanks to the feedback of many amazing BETA testers, I have incorporated changes to my existing demo and have added them in order to make the game even better. 

*A history menu was added, for those who needed one or missed dialogue

*Rollback feature was edited to allow people to go back and change their mind, if they wanted to.

*I incorporated more "emotion" into the character, when it comes to the death of her parents and loss of her home, so it's more believable. 

*Added more action and choices in the Underground and Mountain routes so the MC doesn't seem like so much of a damsel in distress. 

*Darkened the UI/Textbox to make it easier for people to read

*Removed unnecessary laughter tracks or pauses in the dialogue

*Fixed a few overlapping avatars and a few routes that bugged out

Files 198 MB
Dec 20, 2017 213 MB
Dec 20, 2017

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